About The Wernersville Municipal Authority

The Authority’s service area includes the Borough of Wernersville and portions of Lower and South Heidelberg Townships. The system serves approximately 2,200 customers, and several industrial, commercial and institutional establishments, including Phoebe Ministries, Caron Foundation, and Wernersville State Hospital.

Water is obtained from a system consisting of seven wells and eleven springs.
Treated water is stored in two in-ground reservoirs near the wells and springs south of the Borough and in one steel standpipe located north of the Borough.

The entire system, including distribution lines in Lower and South Heidelberg Townships is owned, operated and maintained by the Wernersville Municipal Authority. All consumption is metered and consumers are billed directly by the Authority. The Authority owns approximately 220 acres of the land surrounding the water supply sources. All access to this land is prohibited.

The Authority’s ongoing conservation practices include metering, replacement of old lines, and leakage monitoring. All system meters have been replaced with radio read meters as of September 2013.

The Authority will accept connections from areas adjacent to the present service area. Developers must install lines according to Authority specifications and turn the lines over to the Authority upon completion.